About Our Logo

Designing the Logo for Ed Camp-

Our Graphic Communication Class was asked to develop a logo for the Ed Camp Conference hosted by The Hill School. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to work with a client and see their design published. One of the challenges of this project was that it had to be done quickly. The other challenge was that we had to start the designing on the first day of class in order to meet our deadline. The students were eager to get started. This was going to be a challenging project, since both The Hill School logo and the Ed Camp logo are complex in design. Luckily, we had permission to manipulate both logos and try to combine them together. After looking at several different designs it was clear that Rachl’s design kept the integrity of each logo. Although we changed the colors of the Ed Camp to The Hill School’s colors, the design was not lost. Rachl incorporated the imagery from the shield of The Hill School logo, adding the sun over the hill within the apple. Last, but not least, Mr. Lehman had the suggestion of adding the sword from The Hill School’s logo as the stem of the apple. As a designer, Rachl learned that there will be many suggestions and revisions, but ultimately it was her vision that made this logo a success.
Mrs. Diane Richards, Instructor of Graphic Communications- The Hill School

Rachl Sovia

Logo designed by student: Rachl Sovia `14
I am 17 years old, and live in Pottstown, PA. This is my first year boarding at The Hill School, and also my first year taking Graphics Communication. I hope to attend art school next year. I spend most of my free time doing digital paintings and playing video games.