Welcome to the Hill School

When was the last time you attended a professional development conference for educators that was free, 100 percent non-commercial, participant driven, and where the sessions actually met your needs as an educator?  If you are like me, the answer is:never.  We all need a paradigm shift.  We all need an un-conference!

To see what professional development and continuing education looks like for 21st century educators, please join us for EdCamp at The Hill School on November 16.  You may never want to attend an ordinary conference again!

At EdCamp, educators from the region will gather to share teaching methods, technology tips, curriculum advances, research findings, and collegial advice.  We’ll spend the morning choosing learning sessions by consensus; essentially, EdCamp participants decide what to learn and share.   Participants arrive at EdCamp prepared to be an active learner, a potential presenter, and a better teacher by the time he or she departs campus.  What are the best parts of EdCamp?  All educators are welcome, Power Point presentations are verboten, and you may leave a session at any time if it does not meet your needs.

The Hill School was the first boarding school in the United States with electricity.  On November 16, 2013, we’ll demonstrate our innovative spirit again by being the first boarding school to host an EdCamp.  I promise that if you join us, sparks will fly again in Pottstown!

See you at The Hill!

ZGL HeadshotBest,  Zack Lehman

Headmaster at The Hill School